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Russia: a couple suspected of cannibalism

Ⓒ AFP/Archives – Maxim ZMEYEV – | A police officer in Moscow, July 8, 2017

A couple suspected of killing a woman, apparently to eat it, was arrested in southern Russia after being confused by selfish with pieces of the dismembered body, the Russian authorities said Monday.

At the beginning of September in the Krasnodar region, a 35-year-old man and his wife were fighting with a woman they had just met, according to a statement from the Investigation Committee, the body responsible for the main business in Russia.

“The man then killed their new knowledge and dismembered his body, hiding some fragments on the spot and taking away others with him,” he said.

He also took a picture with his cell phone, posing with his victim. The laptop with these photos was discovered in the street three days later by workers who alerted the police, according to the same source.

The couple was immediately arrested and “fragments of bodies placed in saline” were seized during a search at their home.

Meanwhile, pieces of food and meat “of unknown origin” have been seized in their kitchen, the statement said.

Experts will be established to establish whether it is human flesh or meat of animal origin, he adds.

According to sources quoted by some Russian media, the couple has been engaged in cannibalism for years and is responsible for many murders.

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