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Contraception: Trump cancels employers’ obligation to reimburse

Ⓒ AFP – Brendan Smialowski – | US President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, October 6, 2017

The Trump administration canceled Friday a provision of the “Obamacare” law that obliged employers to take charge of contraceptives in the health coverage offered to their employees, causing the anger of advocacy associations.

This measure extends the exemption, already granted to religious institutions, to all commercial enterprises.

“We are challenging the Trump administration to block this measure,” said the powerful US civil rights organization ACLU on Twitter.

“Make no mistake about it.” Targeting the access of 62.4 million women to contraception shows the Trump administration’s contempt for women’s health and lives, “said the United States Planned Parenthood.

“Contraception is NOT POLEMIC, the vast majority of women use it in their lifetime,” said Planned Parenthood.

The hashtag #HandsOffMyBC (# Touchpasàmacontraception) was among the most commented topics in the world on Twitter in the early afternoon.

“This is nothing short of sexism,” denounced Bernie Sanders, the former candidate for the Democratic nomination for the US presidential election. “This is the last expression of the republicans’ total disregard for women’s ability to control their lives,” he tweeted.

The new regulation “extends the exemptions to protect the moral convictions of certain entities and individuals whose health cover are subject to Obamacare’s contraceptive warrant”, notes the note published by the Ministry of Health.

The text is likely to affect millions of women in the United States whose means of contraception were fully reimbursed by their employers under the health insurance law of former Democratic president Barack Obama and whose Republican successor , Donald Trump, promised repeal.

This obligation has been the subject of controversy by conservative groups almost since the enactment of the law in 2010.

In a lengthy legal battle, the Supreme Court in 2014 upheld two companies that refused, on behalf of their religious convictions, to comply with the Obamacare law on certain means of contraception.

Mr Trump signed in May a decree on religious freedom ordering his administration to take into account “conscientious objections” to the management of contraception.

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