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Spain spreads advice for the first time in case of attack

Ⓒ AFP/Archivos – Lluís Gené – | A man lights a candle in an improvised street memorial in memory of the victims of the attack on August 17 in Las Ramblas in Barcelona, ​​two days later in that central street of the Catalan capital

Spain launched on Monday for the first time a campaign instructing citizens on how to react to a terrorist attack, four months after a double jihadist attack that left 16 dead in Catalonia.

The objective is “to provide citizens with basic guidelines for their safety in the event of an attack,” Interior Minister Juan Ignacio Zoido told a news conference at a press conference a few days before the end of the year festivities.

A short animated video broadcasted by social networks lists the recommendations. To begin with, the authorities advise that emergency exits be located in places that are usually frequented and alert the authorities of any suspicious object.

In the event of an explosion or attack, “when the escape route is safe, stay away from the danger spot”, “do not stop to pick up belongings or objects, or throw yourself on the ground pretending to have been shot down” and “try to alert other people to that they do not approach, but without stopping to convince them, “says the video.

“When you can not get away, hide yourself […] Protect yourself behind a wall or obstacle resistant to firearms […] Do not make unnecessary noises and mute your cell phone.” When possible, without giving away your position, notify the security forces and bodies and inform them of what you remember, “he adds.

Citizens should also avoid spreading false news after an attack, said Francisco José Vázquez, in charge of the anti-terrorist fight in the Civil Guard.

The presentation of the campaign coincided with the arrest on Monday near Madrid of a man “for his integration in the terrorist organization Daesh [Arab acronym of the Islamic State]” that spread social media calls for jihad, the Interior Ministry reported.

Spain suffered a double attack on August 17 and 18, claimed by the Islamic State, with mass abuses in Barcelona and Cambrils (Tarragona), which left 16 dead.

Since June 2015, the country has been at level 4 of an anti-terrorist alert, on a scale of 5. Since then, Spanish security forces have claimed to have arrested 218 “jihadist terrorists” in Spain and abroad.

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