January 1, 2020

Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate leading Trump in 2 key swing states, polls show

Joe Biden is the only Democratic candidate leading Trump in 2 key swing states, polls showNew polls from Virginia and Florida painted a fairly promising picture for President Trump's 2020 chances in the two key swing states. That is, unless former Vice President Joe Biden maintains his lead atop the Democratic field.Mason-Dixon surveys released Tuesday show Trump leading every top Democratic contender besides Biden in both states.> Two new Mason-Dixon polls show only Biden beating Trump in a pair of key states. > > Florida: Biden +2, Buttigieg -4, Sanders -5, Warren -9 https://t.co/cdQ4P6ZjbW > > Virginia: Biden +4, Buttigieg -2, Warren -4, Sanders -6 https://t.co/hskbKMZ4jn > > Margin of error: +/- 4> > — Gabe Fleisher (@WakeUp2Politics) December 31, 2019Despite Mason-Dixon getting a B+ rating from FiveThirtyEight, some analysts are a bit skeptical of the numbers, especially in Virginia. The poll shows quite a surprising recovery for the president, and the state's recent electoral history would suggest it may lean away from Trump. But, if accurate, it could be a cause for worry for the Democratic Party.> I am hard-pressed to believe that Trump is this competitive in Virginia, but if so the Democrats are Gonna Have A Bad Time. https://t.co/dQ2gY2dDB6> > — Christmasoteric (@EsotericCD) December 31, 2019Mason-Dixon surveyed 625 registered voters in Virginia and 625 voters in Florida between Dec. 11 and Dec. 16. The margin of error was ± 4 percentage points.More stories from theweek.com Sorry, the 2010s aren't over yet The Obama legacy is not what many liberals think 1st trailer for A Quiet Place 2 plunges Emily Blunt into the apocalypse

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