RAID: Shadow Legends

The world of Teleria is at risk, and there is only one way to save it: by recruiting the most legendary warriors. Both from light and darkness. This time, things can’t simply be divided in two sides. The warriors must get together and reunite if they want to save their home. Train your champions to fight alongside, equip them with powerful weapons and make epic raids against your enemies.

 The only path is to battle your way up and find victory at the end of it. Play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and find incredibly amazing characters from 16 different factions to play with. Create strategies so they can work out their game together and crush your opponents in the Arena. Defeat dozens of powerful bosses and even slay dragons in your way up. We are not trying to become heroes, here, but to transform you into a legend! And to do that, you need much more than simply strengths. You need leadership! Can you achieve that in your journey? Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with BlueStacks and prove so, or die trying!

Download RAID: Shadow Legends for PC 

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