Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is set in the land of Horizon, a floating nation under siege by dark forces. The planet’s heroes, powerful individuals with the combined strength to free the world from evil, have been entrapped within crystal prisons. You are the Crystral Breaker, destiny’s chosen hero, the one who will free the heroes from their mineral cages and lead the revolution of the skies. This electrifying new strategy RPG lets you team up with your friends to take down bosses in challenging Boss Raids. 

Think you’ve built the most powerful team? Test their strength against other players’ lineups in thrilling PvP battles. Defeat your opponents and prove that you are the world’s greatest! Assemble a squad from hundreds of unique heroes. Upgrade them and equip them with special gear and weapons to increase their power levels. With the right heroes, your squad will be unstoppable!

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