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David Smith, Harvard University

  CARIBBEAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Prepared by R. David Smith, Harvard University Established in February 1999, The Caribbean Institute of Technology is a partnership between the government of Jamaica (and more specifically, Human Education and Resource Training (H.E.A.R.T.)), Furman University, the University of the West Indies, the International Development Consortium (IDC) in the UK, and India Global. The mission of CIT is to offer a world-class computer programming education to Jamaican students, with the aim of empowering these students and establishing a high-end technology sector to help boost Jamaica's slumping economy.   In its first year of operation, 56 students are currently attending CIT. In the 1999/2000 academic year, the Institute will admit 105 students, and plans are in the making to create a second institute in Kingston, which will in turn take on 150 students. It is the goal of CIT to train several hundred students per year within a few years.   The

Why Nokia X will fail? Here are the 5 reasons

  Nokia recently launched its first Android-based smartphone in India, Nokia X. But, I think the device will not be a hit especially in India. Here are the five reasons why the Nokia X will fail. 1. Poor Specifications The first and main thing is that the device boasts poor specifications. Even though its a budget offering, the specifications and the price of the device is not good enough to attract people. The device is a bit over-priced and looking at the competition in India especially in the budget segment, there are high chances for this Nokia device to fail. 2. Not the usual Android The second reason is that although the device runs on the Android platform, it is not the usual android that people are used to. The user interface looks like a mixture of Android, Windows Phone, and Asha. There was completely no need for a new hybrid considering that there are already many mobile OS in the market. 3. Competition The third reason is that there is a really tough competiti

Top 5 Android Apps For Students

  Here is our list of top 5 android apps for students which will help them to make their study easy as technology plays an important role in the life of a student and helps to enhance their skills. #1 Wikipedia Wikipedia is a popular online encyclopedia which each and every one of you might be knowing. This is the application of the same online encyclopedia. The application is easy to use and consists of around 20 million articles on each and every topic in more than 280 languages. The best part of the app is that it allows you to save the article so that you can read it later at your convenience and you can even share the article with other android phones. #2’s app is one of the best dictionary apps which comes with cool features like home screen widget, voice search, audio pronunciation, and popular Word of the Day and Hot Word blog. It consists of the Dictionary and Thesaurus content, more than 375,000 words and definitions with 3

Four Ways to Harness the Internet to Help Your Small Business

  It is often said that small businesses are the engines of the economy. Historically, however, this size has also been a disadvantage as small businesses have struggled to overcome the same barriers of entry into the marketplace that larger firms also face. Recently, small businesses have begun to take advantage of the Internet as a way to level the playing field, increase efficiency and maximize profits. Working to the advantage of small businesses, the availability of high speed internet with unlimited data limits is much greater thanks to companies like Exede, the most consistent ISP in North America in terms of speed.   Marketing via Social Media The Internet has made costs of marketing and advertising almost completely scalable; businesses no longer face exorbitant upfront costs when they use services like Google AdSense. Now, small businesses can use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to market their products to their most loyal customers without spending a dime.

3 Technology Needs For A New Business

  Technology plays a big role in how successful a business is. In today’s fast paced world, new businesses especially need to be technologically capable in order to compete in an ever advancing marketplace. A solid technological foundation is necessary in order to be able to provide goods and services to customers across the country and even across the world. A new business should invest in things such as hardware, software, and even IT consulting in order to increase their odds of being successful. Hardware Hardware may seem like a complicated term to those who are not technologically savvy. What hardware refers to is anything that can be touched in a computer system. Examples of this include hard drives, disks, screens, monitors, printers, and much more. There are many important hardware options that a new business should consider. These include network servers, different types of computers that have different uses, network equipment, projectors, mobile hardware, and printer syst

New Generation Buy Latest SPY Bluetooth Earpiece Set

  In this period new generation wireless devices can be quite favorite devices in addition to all people aware of Wireless product in addition to Within this hugely state-of-the-art technology, our own requires in addition to hope are generally worth raising. Wireless earpiece comes with a two-way connection to the cell phone by means of Wireless. This could be carried out with the use of a criminal Wireless earpiece given that they make it easy for someone in response then call up and never have to make use of both hands especially whilst traveling. The spy earpiece set may be the product created by specialists too fitters in addition to introduced within our technique by way of living. Spy earpiece will be nowadays widely used by Television show provides, reporters, politics numbers, business owners, security authorities, pupils rather than simply by these people smallest Bluetooth earpieces fixed comes with advance built in performance, typically useful for secret businesses. Wirele

Saving With Computer Rentals | Lotus Technology

  There are times when you may be required to make an animated video for a presentation, or use Photoshop for your portfolio. Software that allows you to edit photographs and videos is not cheap and it may be difficult to pay to have the software uploaded on your computer. It may also lead to memory and other hardware problems on the computer. Installing such software on a computer makes no sense if it is required only one or two times in a year. At this time, renting a computer that has the specifications you need makes the most sense. Depending on your needs, you could also easily rent a slightly older laptop, but one that still has the software you require, as this will help you to avail of the software at a fairly low price, compared to a shiny new laptop rental. While hosting or presenting at big events and conferences, it is always best to rent a laptop, and more often than not, online computer rental services also come with 24×7 tech support, so somebody is always there to hel

Technology Facts That Will Blow Your Mind!

  Science is an amazing thing to be explored. We find new things everyday which leave us wondering to uttermost limits. There are a few technology facts which would not only startle you but are also useful in the daily lives. So, here is a list of a few facts from a daily life which you could have never imagined. Can bread be used as an eraser? Well, as common person you might even laugh at the very thought of using bread in place of an eraser to rub away the mistakes. But yes! It’s true. Erasers are significantly important in every field which requires the use of stationary it has been found through researches that before the invention of rubber as eraser; it was the white bread which was used to rub away. White bread has been known to have erasing properties and hence can rub away the graphite marks. The way to use it was to be rolled up the bread after cutting away the hard brown edges and rub away the pencil marks. Since, erasers rub the marks by picking up the graphite parti

New Search Engines for Apps and Hashtags

  As new forms of technology and social media arise, we sometimes realize that we need new methods to discover and find them. Using a standard search engine such as Google or Bing might not always be the best way to search for hashtags or discover new apps. That is why Quixey and Hshtags were developed. There are many ways to find an app that you already know about. And all the app stores have general categories. But what if you want an app that does something specific, but don’t know of any. That is where Quixey comes in. Quixey’s main function is to allow you to search for a feature that you want in an app, and it will pull up apps that have it. Before you search you can select the type of mobile device you use. Then type in any search, for ex. “learn coding” and a bunch of apps will come up, with the free ones first. You can click on the name of the app to learn more about it or download it directly from Quixey. Other features include tabs for: Trending – see apps that are

Learn Windows 8.1 in Comprehensive Manual from David Pogue

  Whether this is your first time using Windows 8, or you just upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, you should have a guide to help you out. I have had my current Windows 8 computer for six months, and until I received this Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual a few weeks ago, I hate to admit that I knew so little. I managed to find my way around, but within the first chapter or two, I found that there were quicker ways for me to do everything. I also began using the App Side much more, or whatever you want to call the part of Windows 8 that looks like a tablet, as opposed to the desktop side.   This Windows 8.1 manual is about 900 pages. This is what I learned in just the first 30 or so pages:   Windows 8 comes with free antivirus software There is now a powerful family safety tool offering web protection, daily time limits and more for kids One of the free apps is Microsoft Xbox Music (which has nothing to do with Xbox), where you can listen to any music that you want for free

How Smartphones Can Control DSLRs and Share Photos

  That has always been one of the biggest drawbacks to using a DSLR camera. You will get better pictures, but you have to wait until you get home to upload them to your computer and then tweet, Instagram or send them to Facebook or Pinterest.   NOT ANYMORE. Weye Feye is a new gadget and app that work together wirelessly to let your smartphone control your DSLR in a number of ways, including transferring over your photos to your phone.   The Weye Feye app is available for both Apple (iPhone and iPad) and Android. The App offers a Gallery to remotely view the photos and videos stored on the camera memory. After remotely browsing through them (from your phone) and selecting the images you want, you can upload them to your desktop or share them via existing Apps.   Before I describe how the Weye Feye works, I think it is a good idea for you to watch this one minute video which shows you how easy it is:   You can see that it is very easy to set up your wireless connection. The b

High Tech Lab

  A high tech virtual laboratory was launched yesterday at Queen's University.   The $21.8 million laboratory will help to develop new drugs, to study pollution caused by the combustion of fossil fuels, to develop new materials for artificial hearts and to study command and control for fighting forest fires, among a wealth of applications.   The High Performance Virtual Laboratory, a four university consortium led by Queen's, also includes Royal Military College, the University of Ottawa and Carleton University.    Sun Microsystems, IBM and Entrust Technologies are private sector partners.   Ontario Energy, Science and Technology Minister Jim Wilson attended the unveiling of the project.   "The economic value of this kind of research cannot be overestimated," said Wilson, whose government contributed $7.3 million of the laboratory's costs.   In an interview, he said Queen's had a demonstrated ability to spearhead the laboratory.   The project's

Nokia ties up with Microsoft to launch new smartphones

  Nokia has developed into a household name, and secured a position for itself in the market. The company, along with its products, has come up as a brand that everyone trusts. Nokia tries to bring in innovation and launches new products, equipped with the latest mobile technology. To step ahead of its competitors, Nokia had tied up with Microsoft in February 2011, to launch smartphones around the world. The company has planned to launch Windows tablet in the middle of the year 2012. The tablet will run on Windows version 8. The gadget will feature a 4.3-inch AMOLED screen, a 1.4-gigahertz dual-core processor and an 8-megapixel camera. The recently launched Nokia Lumia 800 can also boast of the similar features. Nokia tries to bring their brand name back into notice in the US market, since the company had been suffering due to the fierce market competition. Thus, this high-end handset will be launched to grab those customers, who are presently searching for new options other than t

Intuatech - Customer Relationship Management Software

  What is it? Intuatech was created to be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package, in order to enable companies to manage the relationships with their customers efficiently, effectively and while bringing individualism and high levels of customer focus to their service.   The use of CRM is destined to grow over the coming years as companies realise that the only differentiation that customers recognise nowadays, after cost, is service.   However, in recognition of this the founders of Intuatech soon came to realise that a company has many types of customers, internally and externally up, down and across the supply chain. All of these relationships need to be handled in a similar way to ensure that all of a company's relationships are developed and managed to become as productive and hence profitable as possible.   Clearly to create a singular software package to enable a company to manage all its individual relationships would be unrealistic in terms

How to Edit Digital Photos with Photo Mechanic 5

  When you return from a photo shoot with hundreds or maybe even thousands of images to review, you want the fastest way to jump right in and start reviewing them. There is one product that is acknowledged by working journalists as the fastest of them all and that’s Photo Mechanic. It’s just been updated to version.   Before starting to edit your photos, you want them all on your hard drive. You should never edit your photos on your compact flash or SD card.  So, step number one is to “ingest” all the photos – meaning to import them all from your camera to your hard drive. Local hard drive or external hard drive doesn’t really matter. In truth, you’ll do yourself a favour to import them to both, keeping the external drive for an emergency backup.   How long it takes to ingest your photos will depend on quantity of course, but also it depends on whether you shoot JPG or RAW images – RAW is much larger and takes much longer. In either event, Photo Mechanic is regarded as twice as fast as

Internet and Computing Solutions for the 21st century

  Custom Computer Systems:    As a leader in the Information Technology sector, Intellix has many years of experience in building computer systems. We can build computers for any of your needs, whether it be a single workstation, a home computer, or a large-scale network system for a large company.      Our computers are built with your satisfaction in mind throughout the entire process. We use high quality parts, and go the extra mile to ensure that your computer is operating at it's peak, down to the most minute details.    In the near future, we will have a custom-computer configuration system on our web site. This will allow you to select each component that you would like for your computer, and then, you will be able to see your total cost and make whatever changes you would like, so that you can compare costs, and get exactly the system that you want. A computer is not a small investment, and we understand that at Intellix. If you are unsure of some of the specifics o

What is Java

  Because of the great similarity between the C++ and Java languages, much of the information covered in C++ will be included here with the necessary modifications made. Those aspects of the Java language that are unique to it and different from C++ will be added to the list of topics as well as the list of skills. An overview of the language is provided which includes a brief history of the development of the language, a specification of its capabilities and strengths, and its importance in current applications and systems development. The following major topics are covered in the curriculum: Using the Sun Java Compiler as implemented in the Sun Java Workshop, the basic elements and components of a Java program, keyboard input, displaying information to the screen, the creation and use of variables, basic math operations, logical operators, conditional branching, the creation and implementation of loops, the design and creation of functions, polymorphism, overloaded functions and

What is C++

  An overview of the language is provided which includes a brief history of the development of the language, a specification of its capabilities and strengths, and its importance in current applications and systems development. The following major topics are covered in the curriculum: Using the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler, the basic elements and components of a C++ program, keyboard input, displaying information to the screen using the cin and the cout objects, the creation and use of variables, basic math operations, logical operators, conditional branching, the creation and implementation of loops, the design and creation of functions, polymorphism, overloaded functions and operators, reference variables, single and multi-dimensional arrays, character strings, data structures, pointers, dynamic memory allocation, defining and implementing classes, member data and member functions, the distinction between public and private members, constructor and destructor functions, static fun

Bret-Tech Automation & Engineering

  The first product in Bret-Tech’s range was the FF95 Punnet Wrapping Machine engineered to wrap punnets of general produce as well as fragile fruit and vegetables including strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lychees, boysenberries, grapes, raspberries, and much more. The Bret-Tech Punnet Wrapper enables growers to automatically wrap nearly any kind of fresh produce in punnets ranging from 100mm square strawberry punnets to 240mm by 150mm veggie trays with larger sizes available on application. The Bret-Tech machines are designed to wrap PVC style plastic punnets with sides and a lip. The wrap is applied tightly and adheres to the four sides of the punnet, but is not wrapped under the punnet. The punnet passes briefly through a heat shrink tunnel to bring up a very presentable finish. The Bret-Tech punnet wrapper wraps at a rate of around 1300+ punnets per hour, which increases productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.   A grower or produce agent with two or more people wra

Autotechnik Motor Sport

  Driving a motorcycle as a means of transportation in the field of work is normal in most cities, especially in those establishments that offer home delivery services. It is also the means of transportation in many countries, whether you are a worker or a student, you will always expect to see a motorcycle on the road. Being a driver of a motorcycle is not that easy because you have to consider many things. It might look so simple to simply jump on your motorcycles and drive on the road, but are you sure that you have the necessary things for your safety?   If you are going to consider the safety precautions on the road, then it is good for you to be a driver. Even a passenger, must also know how to keep themselves safe on the road. If you are driving or riding a motorcycle, then you must be aware that you have to wear a motorcycle helmet. Is wearing a motorcycle helmet a requirement? Well, of course, yes! If you love your life, then learn to follow the safety regulations and laws