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Bret-Tech Automation & Engineering

The first product in Bret-Tech’s range was the FF95 Punnet Wrapping Machine engineered to wrap punnets of general produce as well as fragile fruit and vegetables including strawberries, cherry tomatoes, lychees, boysenberries, grapes, raspberries, and much more.

The Bret-Tech Punnet Wrapper enables growers to automatically wrap nearly any kind of fresh produce in punnets ranging from 100mm square strawberry punnets to 240mm by 150mm veggie trays with larger sizes available on application.

The Bret-Tech machines are designed to wrap PVC style plastic punnets with sides and a lip. The wrap is applied tightly and adheres to the four sides of the punnet, but is not wrapped under the punnet. The punnet passes briefly through a heat shrink tunnel to bring up a very presentable finish. The Bret-Tech punnet wrapper wraps at a rate of around 1300+ punnets per hour, which increases productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.


A grower or produce agent with two or more people wrapping or putting cellophane tops to punnets would soon profit from reduced labour costs and less plastic per punnet used, and provides a professional, hygienic and very well presented package ready for domestic and export markets. The added advantage of using the Bret-Tech wrapping system is the dramatic increase in shelf-life of the produce, reducing waste.

Also, Growers and Agents are impressed by the wrap, which holds the fruit in position in the punnet reducing movement whilst in transit, reducing bruising and offering an appealing point of sale pack.

Working closely with growers the improvements over the years have seen the wrapper not only wrap punnets but also detect if the punnet has a lid on it, therefore if growers are doing both lidded and wrapped punnets you don’t need to waste time making changes.


With the success of the original punnet wrapper Bret-Tech has now expanded its product range to include 3 punnet wrapper models, and a labeller. This labelling machine can be incorporated to place a label in the centre of each wrapped punnet.

All three models now come with the long exit conveyor, which is suitable for mounting a Bret-Tech labelling machine. This labeller can place a label in the centre of each wrapped punnet. Alternatively, plastic wrap can be supplied from the manufacturer printed with grower labels and bar code if required.


• Robust design for exacting conditions of packing and processing facilities

• Reduces Wastage

• Very low maintenance

• User Friendly