Intuatech - Customer Relationship Management Software


Intuatech - Customer Relationship Management Software

What is it?

Intuatech was created to be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package, in order to enable companies to manage the relationships with their customers efficiently, effectively and while bringing individualism and high levels of customer focus to their service.


The use of CRM is destined to grow over the coming years as companies realise that the only differentiation that customers recognise nowadays, after cost, is service.


However, in recognition of this the founders of Intuatech soon came to realise that a company has many types of customers, internally and externally up, down and across the supply chain. All of these relationships need to be handled in a similar way to ensure that all of a company's relationships are developed and managed to become as productive and hence profitable as possible.


Clearly to create a singular software package to enable a company to manage all its individual relationships would be unrealistic in terms of cost and appropriateness for different company focuses. Intuatech has therefore been designed from scratch as a modular based program that has from the onset been built upon the beliefs that stability, ability to integrate with existing software, scalability, ease-of-use and cost effectiveness are paramount in the creation of any quality software package.


Intuatech in short, is a modular software package designed to enable a company to increase it's profitability through increasing their effectiveness and hence profitability when managing their key, if not all, internal and external relationships.

Do you know any great app helpful to the CRM other than Intuatech? If yes, then do let us know via the comments section below to get it added to our list. In day to days lives CRM softwares  are very beneficial for us for managing inventory, products, finance like things. The best example of CRM usage in Retail Market.