New Search Engines for Apps and Hashtags


New Search Engines for Apps and Hashtags

As new forms of technology and social media arise, we sometimes realize that we need new methods to discover and find them. Using a standard search engine such as Google or Bing might not always be the best way to search for hashtags or discover new apps. That is why Quixey and Hshtags were developed.

There are many ways to find an app that you already know about. And all the app stores have general categories. But what if you want an app that does something specific, but don’t know of any. That is where Quixey comes in.

Quixey’s main function is to allow you to search for a feature that you want in an app, and it will pull up apps that have it. Before you search you can select the type of mobile device you use. Then type in any search, for ex. “learn coding” and a bunch of apps will come up, with the free ones first. You can click on the name of the app to learn more about it or download it directly from Quixey. Other features include tabs for:

  • Trending – see apps that are trending
  • Browse – Browse apps in a variety of categories
  • Sample – You want to try out this search engine but your mind goes blank and you can’t think of a query. Here you can find sample queries to try the engine and there is a good chance that you may stumble onto one that really does interest you.

You can also set up an account in Quixey. Then, if you find any apps that interest you but you don’t want to download them right away, you can bookmark them right in Quixey.

Back in the day, when hashtags were only used on Twitter, it was possible to do a hashtag search through Twitter search and come up with fairly good results. However hashtags have spread their wings and are on almost all social media channels now. Hashtags was created so that you could do a hashtag search and find results from social media sites far and wide.

You do not need an account to use Hashtags, but you do need one to save your results. Once I saw the results I was getting, I highly recommend setting up a free account.

My first search was #DowntonAbbey. I got results from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr that fill up a page. This page is now saved and I can go back to it and watch the videos, read the tweets, etc when I have time. I am also shown other hashtags that are used for Downton Abbey, in case I want to search them also, and amazingly, my saved list is constantly updated! I found this great video on my page so I wanted to share it with other Downton fans:

This is an amazing tool. In addition to having fun with it like I did with Downton Abbey, Hashtags can be put to great use for research. Students, reporters, and anyone researching a topic can search for it with a hashtag in the Hshtag search engine and quickly find materials that it might have taken them hours to find otherwise.

Give these two new specialty search engines a try. They are both free, fun and give you great results. I highly recommend both of these new search engines for apps and hashtags, Quixey and Hashtags.