The Best Windows Phone Apps


The Best Windows Phone Apps

Aside from the Android and the iPhone, Windows phones are also great gadgets to have whether for your personal or business needs. Here are the best Windows phone apps that you can download.


Rowi is a Twitter app. It caters to both beginners and Twitter addicts. It is easy to use and has a streamlined Metro interface. Using it will feel like it is a part of the Windows phone.

You can tweet with photos and locations. You can even edit your photos before uploading them. You can use multiple accounts or use the “tweet as” feature. Readability, Pocket, and Instapaper features are also available.

You can share your tweets via e-mail or text or translate them using Bing. The TweetMarker allows your last read tweets to sync with your favorite Twitter apps. If you’re a serious Twitter user, you can configure your home screen with favorites, search, and retweets.

Rowi costs $1.49.



If you have already discovered the maps in your phone, you will say that it is better than the latest map that Apple introduced in their devices. But, nothing really beats the power of Google Maps. gMaps is the best Windows Phone client for Google Maps.

With this app, you will be able to find your location on the map. You will also be able to track your current speed. It supports different layers such as satellite, street, traffic, weather, bike, etc. It has a powerful local search capability so you can search for venues faster. If you want to discover new places, use the advanced customizable local search.

Whether you are using a car, bicycle, public transportation, or walking, you can get directions from this app. You can keep track of your favorite, pinned, or recent places.

In Driver mode, the app will give you directions and auto-reroute instructions. The app has compass support. You can also switch from Imperial to Metric.


Share your map or favorite places through email and SMS.


gMaps costs $1.99.



If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for your lunch date, Wordament is a fun way to keep you occupied. It is a very addictive word game that only lasts for 2 minutes. You will compete in real-time word tournaments on the same board against everyone who is currently playing.

The app offers unique boards and challenges such as theme puzzles or 2 and 3-letter digram tiles. These rounds alternate. You can also go for the bonus points. You can earn more scoring bonuses by finding longer words.


The app tracks each player’s progress that includes your best word found, best word count, total score, first-place finishes, and even the number of games that you have completed English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish.